SPICE Conference 2012

The SPICE Conference 2012 takes place in Palma de Mallorca from the 29th to 31st of May. Now in its 20th year, the conference will focus on some of the implications of the new, more open architecture based on the work in-progress for the revision of the ISO/IEC 15504 family of related Standards (renamed as the ISO/IEC 33001-99 series with the common theme of Process Assessment).

The keynote speakers are:

  • Giuseppe Lami, “Green IT and Sustainable Software Engineering”
  • Roger Southgate, “The COBIT Assessment Programme”

The programme includes tutorials on the 29th and a variety of interesting talks from “Integrated Process Improvement Approach: Case Studies in Skype Technologies Ltd.”  through “Best practices for achieving Automotive SPICE Capability Level 3” to “Gained Experience by Making Intervention to Improve Software Process in Very Small Organizations” and much more on the 30th and 31st.

There is also a small social network for attendees of the conference to connect with each other.



About the Author

Roman MildnerRoman Mildner is a Project Manager Professional (PMP), executive management consultant at United Mentors, and a book author . He has worked in the IT industry since 1992 and as a manager consultant since 1998. He focuses on process improvement services with an emphasis on Automotive SPICE and strategy consulting. For more details, please visit his United Mentors home page.

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