Crunch Time

Is it Time for a New Kind of Management by Objectives?

The Coronavirus pandemic is changing the workplace, temporarily or possibly even permanently. Many of us work remotely — some of us are used to it; others are undergoing more-or-less training on the job as to how to be effective in our new home-office environment. It sounds like old “management by objectives” may become the state-of-the-art way to run distributed teams. Read


SME – the Subject Matter Expert

In technology-centric product development organizations, promoting and retaining talent while fostering a culture of technical excellence is essential. An established role of Subject Metter Experts, or SMEs, has proven to be an effective way to facilitate knowledge excellence, particularly in multi-project organizations. Read



TCC – the Team Capability Coach – is a quality leadership project role, aiming at maximizing the effectiveness of process quality assurance. A TCC is an approach that combines and extends quality assurance-related roles of a “Quality Manager” and essential elements of a “Scrum Master” in a single integrated concept. Read


Quo Vadis, Atlassian?

Atlassian has become a very attractive vendor of project management applications. An acquisition of Atlassian would have numerous implications to business across many engineering-centric industries. The question may be not “if” but “when Atlassian will become acquired?” Read