Positioning of CORE SPICE

CORE SPICE aims to enhance project management efficiency while ensuring compliance with automotive systems development standards such as ISO 26262 functional safety. A shift towards a more collaborative, project-centric approach positions it between Levels 1 and 2 on the ASPICE maturity ladder—the sweet spot in the process quality compliance landscape.

CORE SPICE correlates with Automotive SPICE and other standards like ISO 26262 by focusing on the essential elements required for automotive systems and software development projects. It aims to simplify compliance with functional safety standards and improve project management efficiency.

The following summary is intended to clarify the core goals of CORE SPICE, as summarized in our article.

CORE SPICE Objectives: CORE SPICE is designed as a lean project management concept primarily aimed at efficiently supporting the ISO 26262 standard for functional safety. It aspires to match approximately the second level of maturity in Automotive SPICE, positioning itself as a “state-of-the-art” project coaching model.

Effectiveness: While Automotive SPICE is a quality control measure, CORE SPICE advocates for a cooperative approach within project organizations. Conformity is achieved through active project support for safety-relevant project aspects with the quality role of Team Capability Coach (TCC) – a role that ensures relevant compliance.

Hybrid Model: CORE SPICE represents a hybrid model, balancing traditional ASPICE processes and classic agility. It acknowledges the limitations imposed by ISO 26262 on unrestricted agility. Instead, it supports development concepts that enable the planning of automotive projects, such as long-term feature plans up to the start of production (SOP), while emphasizing task and traceability automation and accelerating the pace of development activities. A standard set of project roles to coordinate the development teams helps alleviate the question of team responsibilities in an automotive development project.

Project Coaching Approach: CORE SPICE is a project coaching approach that helps implement ISO 26262 and cybersecurity requirements, which is critical in the automotive industry, where software has become a core business. It offers a solution for ASPICE fatigue, especially among smaller vehicle suppliers, by providing a framework focused on traceability, project goals, and project outcomes. Thus, it enhances project efficiency and agility and enables a faster response to changes in ongoing projects. The CORE SPICE roles of project role of Team Capability Coach (TCC, for increasing quality compliance) and Project Coach (for improving project management effectiveness) are the critical enablers for the efficiency boost in projects.

Compatibility and Integration: CORE SPICE is inspired by the ASPICE on capability level 2 while covering safety-relevant aspects to ensure that a CORE SPICE-compatible project can be ISO-26262 up to ASIL-D compliant.

Not an ASPICE Replacement: CORE SPICE is not intended to replace Automotive SPICE. Instead, it is a project management framework that supports ASPICE compliance. It emphasizes team effectiveness and efficiency in safety-relevant projects focused on system and software development in the automotive sector.

CORE SPICE, therefore, correlates with Automotive SPICE by providing a complementary framework aimed at simplifying and enhancing the project management and development process, especially in safety-relevant automotive projects. It bridges the gap between Automotive SPICE’s rigorous process orientation and the need for more agile and efficient project management practices.

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