Crunch Time

Is it Time for a New Kind of Management by Objectives?

The Coronavirus pandemic is changing the workplace, temporarily or possibly even permanently. Many of us work remotely — some of us are used to it; others are undergoing more-or-less training on the job as to how to be effective in our new home-office environment. It sounds like old “management by objectives” may become the state-of-the-art way to run distributed teams. Read


SME – the Subject Matter Expert

In technology-centric product development organizations, promoting and retaining talent while fostering a culture of technical excellence is essential. An established role of Subject Metter Experts, or SMEs, has proven to be an effective way to facilitate knowledge excellence, particularly in multi-project organizations. Read



TCC – the Team Capability Coach – is a quality leadership project role, aiming at maximizing the effectiveness of process quality assurance. A TCC is an approach that combines and extends quality assurance-related roles of a “Quality Manager” and essential elements of a “Scrum Master” in a single integrated concept. Read


Megatrend: The Post-Freemium Economy

Once upon a time, newspapers were bought at the newsstand, sending letters required postage stamps, and tickets had to be bought to watch movies. There was no such thing as a free lunch. That is about to change, and the word “free” is taking on a different meaning. Read


Megatrend: Cheap Clean Energy

Energy is the blood of the economy, but fossil energy sources are becoming scarce. They also suspected of causing global warming. They pollute the air in our cities. Fossil fuels are becoming more and more expensive, thwarting the economic progress around the world. We must – and will – solve this problem. Read